Anthropology – Optional Printed Notes of Target IAS [Sosin Mam] Hyderabad


Anthropology – Optional Printed Notes of Target IAS [Sosin Mam] Hyderabad

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Anthropology Printed NotesTarget IAS By Sosin Mam Hyderabad.sosin madam synonymous with anthropolgy across India. As a director of Target IAS, she has reputation of producing AIR 2, shweta Mohanty. Added to this, till date she guided more than 200 rankers in civil services examination. She also takes classes at reputed institutions in India.

Material is the same as provided in the classroom.Material is complete one and covers the whole syllabus.


Anthropology has delivered the best success till date and in Anthropology selections Greater than 80% belongs to the students of Sosin Madam. That shows commitment and quality of teaching here. Till date, madam produced more than 200 successful officers serving the nation.Currently she is faculty in La Excellence Coaching.

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Anthropology Printed Notes -Target IAS by SOSIN Mam Hyderabad Material consists of 5-booklets and they are following..

Anthropology, their scope and relevance:
(a) Social- cultural Anthropology
(b) Biological Anthropology.
(c) Archaeological Anthropology.
(d) Linguistic Anthropology

1.Characteristics of Primates

2.Human Evolution and emergence of Man:

3.Phylogenetic status

4.The Nature of Society:

5.The Nature of Culture:


7.Economic organization

8.Political organization and Social Control


10.Anthropological theories

11.Research methods in anthropology

12.The biological basis of life:

13.Human Genetics

14.Chromosomes and chromosomal aberrations in man, methodology

15.Concept of human growth and development


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